IPFQ provides services to its members, campaigns to improve public health and produces policies, guidelines, standards and information. All its activities are shaped and informed by research.

World Physiotherapy Day Celebrations

8th of September is World Physiotherapy day. Since 2013 IPFQ is celebrating WPD in Qatar every year in the month of September. On September 13, 2013 IPFQ celebrated World Physiotherapy day and to mark the event a public awareness program was conducted where people could directly ask health related questions to a panel of 8 physiotherapists from different specialties. In 2014 we organized a talk and cake cutting ceremony. In 2015 we organized a public awareness campaign and screening camp for children.

On September 29, 2017 we conducted a seminar for 265 delegates accredited by QCHP for 5 CME points under category-1. This seminar had international speakers and highlighted the important role Physiotherapists play in encouraging healthy living by advocating “Movement as Medicine”

WPD celebrations have become the signature event defining the role of IPFQ in advocating the vital role physiotherapists play in the health care setup of Qatar. This year we are planning on a full day Symposium and this will be followed by an 8 hour hands on training in three different disciplines simultaneously. The event will be the biggest ever gathering of medical fraternity to support physiotherapists and celebrate their contribution to Qatar’s health sector.

General Body Meetings

Since its formation in 2011, the general body members meet twice every year to discuss the current standing of the forum and layout plans to further its impact by deciding on the future activities. The latest GB held on 13 April, 2018 saw the members being tested by their colleagues to gauge the fitness levels of the physiotherapists. “Walk the talk” was an eye opener event as many physios realized that their lifestyle choices were not helping them stay healthy and they need to re-evaluate their exercise and activity levels to improve their physical fitness.

Free Health Camps

The first camp was conducted on 12 April 2013 This free medical camp was organized by Indian Islamic Association in partnership with Indian Medical Association, HMC & SCH. This is an annual event being organized for the past 12 yrs and saw the largest participation by general public this year. Our members have henceforth partaken in every medical camp organized by them each year and provided commendable service to the attendees. IPFQ got a good review for organizing the teams at these medical camps from all who attended. Indian ambassador and various dignitaries visited the stalls and were impressed with our exemplary work.

The 2nd camp was done on 10 May 2013. Medical camp organized by Focus Qatar and SCH in celebration of world day for safety and health at work in Medical commission building. IPFQ was well represented at this camp by 11 male therapists. Appreciation was expressed by the organizers by arranging a party in Sheraton for all the participants. This camp is also been done every year and IPFQ has been a regular partner in this initiative.

Third camp was organized in collaboration with WCT & SCH for MOI employees on July 5th 2013. This camp was exclusively for the labourers constructing the MOI headquarters. It was a big challenge for IPFQ to organize this camp due the high number of clients expected. With the dedicated hard work of our 22 volunteer Physiotherapists this mammoth task was achieved. At the camp we evaluated more than 180 clients individually in a span of 4hrs. This initiative was appreciated by the dignitaries of SCH and all participants were awarded certificates.

In 2017 October and November, IPFQ members participated in two medical camps organized by Ministry of Public Health in collaboration with other sister concerns working for the benefit of the low income workers in Qatar. The dedication of the volunteers was appreciated by the officials and duly acknowledged in a ceremony organized in MOPH building.

Membership Campaign

The first registration campaign was started by then treasurer Mr.Shanavas in June 2013 by accepting the 1st fee from Mrs.Jyotsna. The annual renewal is going on smoothly and currently we have above 150 actively participating members in the forum.

Democratic Approach

The office bearers hold positions for a term of two years from the date they are elected. IPFQ is the only official body in Qatar which represents the interests of physiotherapists. Our aim is to work as one team for our professional growth and benefit of the community. A major role is played by the members representing IPFQ, who guide the new physiotherapists interested to work in Qatar regarding the license process and prometric examination. We also have taken up the social and moral responsibility of checking job offers and averted more than 100 incidents where candidates would have been duped with false promises through fraudulent job offers.

Fun Times

IPFQ is committed to bring together the families of physiotherapist by organizing fun events. As expatriates we realize the importance of having someone to turn to in difficult times. A family gathering was organized for members & their families on 12th December 2012. This tradition has been continued every year since then and the participation is increasing as the years go by.

Certificate courses

IPFQ office bearers were determined from the beginning to help physiotherapists learn skills that would help in improving their clinical practice but at the lowest possible cost. Since 2014 IPFQ has organized courses such as:

  • 1. Maitland’s Concept of Joint mobilization – peripheral joints and spine
  • 2. Advanced diagnosis & management of Myofascial trigger points
  • 3. Pilates workshop
  • 4. Barefoot Training certificate; Level-1
  • 5. Neurodynamics certified course – upper quarter & lower quarter
  • 6. Review course of Neurodynamics – upper quarter and lower quarter
  • 7. 2nd batch of Neurodynamics certified course – upper quarter & lower quarter
  • 8. Review of Clinical Practice in Critical Care and Cardiac Rehabilitation

Community Outreach Activities

IPFQ is collaborating with other non-profit organizations and Ministry of Education in Qatar to organize free seminars and awareness lectures among the general public. This initiative has taken our members to various schools and corporate offices to present intellectually stimulating lectures, talks and interactive sessions. These classes are focused on highlighting the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and its impact on health in the contemporary living situation of an adult and child.

Every so often an organization touches lives not just with its actions but with ethos also. IPFQ is continuing to do that every year with lots of community focused initiatives. These initiatives are taken to uphold the profession and as a platform for physiotherapists to make ourselves of use to the community. We also aim at fulfilling the vision of the forum by providing continuous medical education & dissemination of information among physiotherapists. In the coming years IPFQ promises to have a greater focus on social and educational purpose. We are determined to be the professional body that will be associated with improving people's lives in Qatar and a strong advocate of physiotherapy profession.